Can’t find what you were looking for? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about veterinary referrals, for vets referring and owners that have been referred to Calder Vets.

What is a vet’s referral?

A referral is when your pet is sent to another veterinary practice that has the facilities and staff needed to help diagnose and treat their condition. Your usual vet may not have access to advanced diagnostic techniques such as CT and MRI which are required to diagnose a number of conditions. (Surgical procedures often require specialised equipment and the expertise to perform them)

I have a case, but I am not sure whether to refer it or not. How can I be sure?

If you are in any doubt as to whether to refer please contact us and we will be very happy to discuss the details of the case with you before any referral is made. This can involve reading the history, looking at x-rays or ECGs and if required speaking to the client. Together we will make the decision as to whether referral is appropriate.

I would like to come and see a particular vet; is this possible?

Yes, we will always try to accommodate your wishes if you are keen to see a particular veterinary surgeon. This will be dependent on availability and field of expertise, but will almost always be catered for.

What referral services do you offer?
What information do I need to give my client?

Please explain to your client that we will contact them directly to make an appointment. If you can provide up to date contact details and ask your clients when they can be contacted this would be very helpful.

Please can you give clients any x-rays, ECGs etc to bring to their appointment. This means that we can avoid repeating any unnecessary procedures.

Can you give me an estimate of veterinary costs?

We are happy to give a broad estimate of likely costs, but this can and will vary according to our findings at the initial consultation and at subsequent investigations. These will be explained and discussed with you.

Pet insurance claims — Can you claim insurance direct from the insurer?

Yes, we can claim direct from insurers. To do this we need certain information from clients. We need up to date insurance details and we will need permission to speak to insurers about a client’s policy, clients will need to contact their insurer to give this. We also ask for full clinical histories, these can either be faxed or emailed on the above contact details. Normally we carry out these checks before the referral appointment and we explain these procedures to clients when we make appointments.

In the case of emergency referrals we will deal with each case on an individual basis and do all the checks while the clients are here with us.

Our full terms and conditions can be found under the insurance information on the site.

How soon can you see a case?

We endeavour to see all urgent cases as soon as possible, often this is within 1 hour of the referral being made.

Can I discuss a case prior to referral?

Yes, if you are the referring veterinarian, we are more than happy to advise on how to manage a case, prior to it coming to Calder Vets. For reasons of professional liability, we are unable to offer advice directly to pet-owners, unless we have already assessed their animal.

How do I refer one of my clients?

Please contact us either by phone, on 01924 504606 for the Dewsbury Hospital Referrals Service (this is a dedicated line for vet use) or on 01924 492155 for Ophthalmology referrals at the Mirfield surgery, by fax on 01924 505603 or via email at [email protected]

We take details of your case and will arrange appointments direct with your client for you so that we can give them all the information they need.

In the case of emergency referrals we will give directions etc via yourselves and leave getting other information we may need until the client arrives here.