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Pets are part of the family - that's why we treat your pet as if it were one of our own family.

As the leading vets in Yorkshire with 12 branches and a hospital in Dewsbury, our team of over 150 vets, nurses and team work together to provide world-class veterinary care for your pets with the respect, kindness and compassion we would expect for all our loved ones.

  • Marley — Floppy Rabbit Syndrome

    Marley, a three and a half year old lop rabbit, was presented to Calder Vets by his owners who had noticed that Marley was struggling to use his back legs.

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  • Bobby — Cushing’s Disease

    Bobby came in to the Penistone branch of Calder Vets for his annual booster. During his health check, it was noticed that his coat was thinning on both of his flanks, there was colour dilution of his hair and it was easily epilated.

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Why Choose Calder Vets?

  • A loving and caring service that goes above and beyond
  • Total availability – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • From ophthalmologists to oncologists, a dedicated team with the expertise to treat any condition in any animal
  • Compassionate customer service committed to getting you and your pets through the toughest of times
  • Outstanding value for money and a supportive long-term aftercare service
  • A long history of healthy, happy pets - and their extremely grateful owners!

At the Heart of It All – an Expert Team You Can Trust

The Calder Vets team is composed of over 150 caring and compassionate animal lovers in and around West Yorkshire. We have 24 expert veterinary surgeons and 47 qualified, senior, and student veterinary nurses.

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