Joe – Diabetes in dogs

Joe, a 10 year old, Border Terrier, was brought in by his Dad, because he had noticed that he was drinking more than normal and he had lost a considerable amount of weight very quickly.

Bobby — Cushing’s Disease

Bobby came in to the Penistone branch of Calder Vets for his annual booster. During his health check, it was noticed that his coat was thinning on both of his flanks, there was colour dilution of his hair and it was easily epilated.

Albert — The Dangers of Dog Bones

“Albert”, a one year old Collie cross, was given a knuckle bone from a pet shop and happily devoured it. However, within 48hrs, he was vomiting all fluids and passing diarrhoea with shards of bone in.

Sidney – Neutering

“Sidney, the 5 month old Giant Continental rabbit, was castrated a week ago, here he is at his post op check, back to his normal cheeky self”  

Max & Jenni

“The support that we have been given has been fantastic, so caring and considerate. Both my dog’s received the most amazing care throughout their lives”  


“Thanks to everyone at Calder Vets and especially to you Shona, you never stopped believing in Marley”