What to expect from your referral appointment at Calder Vets

So a referral appointment’s been made for you and your pet at Calder Vets.

If you’ve never had to attend a referrals appointment before, you might be wondering just what to expect. What’s going to happen? What do you need to bring? How should you prepare your pet? This short guide should give you all the information you need to make the most of your referral appointment.

Your Appointment

Your appointment will begin with a consultation, during which one of our referral vets will carry out a thorough examination of your pet. We will then discuss further tests and procedures required in order to determine our plan of action. During the consultation you will also receive an estimate for how much you might expect to pay for our recommended course of treatment.

How to Prepare

Because your pet’s been referred to us, we will already have received their full medical history, as well as any relevant x-rays or test results. But nonetheless, please be prepared to tell us about any other problems or issues that you feel might be relevant.

During the appointment, we might perform some blood tests, and we may have to carry out some mild sedation. If you have a morning appointment, please do not give your pet any food after 8:00pm on the night before. Make sure that water is available throughout the night but remove this first thing on the morning of your appointment.

Hospitalisation of Your Pet

Some of the tests, investigations, and procedures we carry out will require a number of subsequent days of close observation. And if we’ve had to sedate your pet, they’ll need a bit of time to recover from the effects of the anaesthetics. As such, it might be necessary to hospitalise your pet overnight. Our animal hospital is staffed throughout the night so you can ensure your pet will receive the best possible care from our team of qualified vets and nurses. Depending on your pet’s condition, any follow-up appointments and procedures will generally be scheduled for a future date.

Insurance Claims

While direct claims on insured pets are possible, these claims will have to be assessed and authorised in advance of your appointment. In emergencies we aim to assess suitability to claim Direct in the first possible instance.

Claiming Direct

Contact the Referrals Team on 01924 504606

You will need to have to hand:

  • Your policy details – insurance company, policy number, and the date on which your policy was first taken out
  • The name in which the policy is held and any passwords if applicable
  • Details of any other vets your pet has visited from first vaccination to date

Please contact your insurance company and give them authority to discuss your policy with Calder Vets. This is to enable us to check the suitability and eligibility for claim Direct. Calder Vets are proud to be able to offer you an outstanding pet insurance support service. With many years experience and a dedicated team of highly trained staff, you can be confident that you will receive the best service possible with your pet insurance.

Where to Find Us

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 504606 if you have enquiries prior to your appointment and we will do our best to help

Calder Vets – Savile Road, Dewsbury WF12 9LN – 01924 504606
Ophthalmology Cases – Mirfield, WF14 9DQ – 01924 492155