We understand that when our pets are sick, we need to be looked after too.

Pets are part of the family – that’s why at Calder Vets we treat everybody’s pets with the same respect and care that a person would receive. Understanding the powerful bond between people and animals is at the core of what we do. This helps us to look after our customers with empathy and respect and our patients with kindness and compassion.

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Why Choose Calder Vets?

  • A loving and caring service that goes above and beyond
  • Total availability – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Outstanding value for money and a supportive long-term aftercare service
  • A long history of healthy, happy pets - and their extremely grateful owners!

Happy pets, happy owners

  • admin-ajax

    “Sidney, the 5 month old Giant Continental rabbit, was castrated a week ago, here he is at his post op check, back to his normal cheeky self”


    Sidney – Neutering
  • Max-Jenni

    “The support that we have been given has been fantastic, so caring and considerate. Both my dog’s received the most amazing care throughout their lives”


    Max & Jenni
  • Marley

    “Thanks to everyone at Calder Vets and especially to you Shona, you never stopped believing in Marley”


  • Honey

    “The staff at Calder Vets (receptionists, nurses and of course the vets) have been marvellous at dealing with all Honey’s conditions. Amazingly she still walks into the practice with no qualms at all!”


    Honey – Skin Conditions
  • Linus

    “Calder Vets Brighouse, have looked after my Bedlington terrier, Linus, since he was a puppy. I have total trust in all the staff there. Nothing was too much trouble; I knew he was, and continues to be, in safe hands at (Calder Vets) our Brighouse branch and knowing that is worth everything to me”


    Linus – Neutering
  • Wispa-Tally

    “Wispa on the right stayed in overnight at the Dewsbury hospitalisation following a major operation to remove a chewed up towel from her stomach & Intestines. Excellent standard of care and compassion given by the vets and nurses”


    Wispa & Tally – Hospital Stay
  • Alfie

    “I would really like to thank Natalie, Danielle, Vicky and the team at Brighouse Calder Vets for all their help and support in repairing Alfie’s Ankle. They made the time easier for us to cope with as it was a very upsetting time for me, my boyfriend and all the family. Without the team at Brighouse Calder Vets it would not have been as smooth for us all”


    Alfie’s X-rays
  • Hank

    “It is comforting to know that the staff care about Hank and his wellbeing as much as I do. I would never use any other vets! Hank loves visiting the vets, so much he never wants to leave!”


    Hank – Nail Trimming
  • Luna-Maximus

    “Luna & Maximus first visited Calder Vets as puppies for their initial health checks and inoculation. The staff were so friendly and caring, providing top class advice and support on raising both Luna and Maximus through their first 6 months of puppy life.”


    Luna & Maximus – Health Checks
  • Kazier

    “I am very pleased with the way Calder Vets dealt with my German shepherd’s claim. Both of Kaizer’s hind legs had developed a deformity and we were concerned our pet insurance may not honour the claim. Fortunately Calder vets dealt with the whole process from to start to finish with his treatment and the paperwork involved with the pet insurance.”


    Kazier’s Orthopaedic Treatment

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Case Studies

  • alphronos pancreatitis in cats case study calder vets

    Alphronos — Severe Pancreatitis in Cats

    Alphronos, a 13 year old male cat affectionately known as ‘Phrons’, was presented to vet Shona in severe abdominal pain.

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  • Dog punctured lung

    Minnie — Punctured Lung

    Vet Saves Dog’s Life after 8cm Thorn Causes Punctured Lung!

    Read case study
  • Diabetes in dogs

    Joe – Diabetes in dogs

    Joe, a 10 year old, Border Terrier, was brought in by his Dad, because he had noticed that he was drinking more than normal and he had lost a considerable amount of weight very quickly.

    Read case study
  • Marley

    Marley — Floppy Rabbit Syndrome

    Marley, a three and a half year old lop rabbit, was presented to Calder Vets by his owners who had noticed that Marley was struggling to use his back legs.

    Read case study
  • Bobby — Cushing’s Disease

    Bobby came in to the Penistone branch of Calder Vets for his annual booster. During his health check, it was noticed that his coat was thinning on both of his flanks, there was colour dilution of his hair and it was easily epilated.

    Read case study
  • Albert

    Albert — The Dangers of Dog Bones

    “Albert”, a one year old Collie cross, was given a knuckle bone from a pet shop and happily devoured it. However, within 48hrs, he was vomiting all fluids and passing diarrhoea with shards of bone in.

    Read case study

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