At Calder Vets we aim to provide a high standard of patient care and a wide range of easily accessible, professional services.

Providing a reliable and trustworthy service to pet owners is very important to us. Our company values are at the core of what we do across all Calder Vets branches, where we invest in our staff and encourage and empower them to provide the best customer care and patient care.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions from our clients. It is an essential part of how we monitor what we are doing well and what we could improve.

If you have comments or suggestions about your experience with us please email us or call us on
01924 465 592

We would hope that you would be able to address any minor concerns by bringing them to the attention of our friendly staff. However, if you feel that your complaint remains unresolved or that it requires further investigation, please submit all relevant details in writing to:

Client Care Manager
Calder Vets Dewsbury
Saville Road
West Yorkshire
WF12 9LN
Email: [email protected]

We take all client comments very seriously and will endeavour to provide a prompt, helpful response.

Terms and Conditions

If you are not the registered owner of the animal in question we are unable to discuss a complaint with you until express written permission from the owner is received.

Access to relevant patient records at other veterinary practices may be required. Failure to disclose such records or failure to permit access may affect our ability to address your concerns.

Clinical cases and records will be reviewed in full prior to our considered response.