Ollie – Diabetes in Cats

Cat diabetes is a common endocrine condition and in most cases can be diagnosed and managed successfully. Management of the condition can be complex as treatment may need to be adjusted to the individual cat as Emma experienced with her cat Ollie.

Norah – Lip Avulsion

We recently received some great feedback from a client called Andrew about his experience with Calder Vets when his dog, Norah, suffered from a Lip Avulsion injury. The following, with full permission, is copied directly from Andrews Facebook page.

Dewsbury Gets Gold for Cat Care

Dewsbury veterinary clinic has been awarded the highest level certificate in Cat Care by The International Society for Feline Medicine reflecting our investment in the best facilities and the care and dedication of our staff

Dogs Die in Hot Cars!

Leaving your dog in the car on a hot day can be very dangerous. With temperatures soaring, conditions can become deadly in a matter of minutes.

Parvovirus in Dogs

Canine Parvovirus is a potentially lethal illness in dogs that has seen several confirmed cases in recent years and months in the UK. Spreading awareness about the symptoms and prevention is crucial.

Kennel Cough – The Facts

There has been an increased number of cases of “Kennel Cough” in the West and South Yorkshire region this winter. Find out more about Kennel Cough and prevention for your dog.