Understanding the bond between people and animals.

Our mission at Calder Vets is simply this – to provide a personal, caring and professional service for you and your pet, backed up by some of the best facilities in the North of England.

From preventative healthcare to emergency care, we are able to discuss all options with you, from simple treatments to advanced tests and procedures. Making the best decision for your pet, armed with all the information you need is something that we pride ourselves on being able to assist you with. Our vets will always advise you based on what they genuinely believe is in the best interests of your pet and all of the vets and nurses at Calder Vets look after your pets as if they were their own.

Our practice is owned and run by qualified Veterinarians – where quality care is our biggest priority, for you and your pets.


Calder Vets Values

Staff Quality

  • Skill – no matter which part of the team, our staff are highly skilled and qualified
  • Range – our vets and nurses have a wide range of expertise
  • Friendliness – you will always be greeted with a smile
  • Happiness – we look after our staff, so that they can look after you

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Customer Care

  • Empathy – a shared love of animals and years of experience helps us to support you through all situations
  • Respect – we value your responsibility as a pet owner and respect your needs
  • Understanding – veterinary care can sometimes be stressful or emotionally traumatic for you and your pet, we’ll do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable
  • Communication – managing our commitments and maintaining strong communication with our customers

Patient Care

  • Quality – getting things right, going the extra mile and ensuring the health and well-being of all patients at all times
  • Caring – providing comforting and loving support for all animals who visit any of our practices
  • Skilled – offering the highest standards of care from advice to emergency procedures and surgery


  • Infrastructure – continual investments in our business infrastructure to improve the experience for our customers and staff
  • Equipment – state of the art equipment across all facilities and a referral veterinary hospital able to handle complex surgeries and procedures
  • Staff – we are a close knit family at Calder Vets and we invest in our staff to provide the best environment, resources and career development opportunities

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